Sphere Camera

Precision Subsea Sphere Camera

The Sphere Camera is our best selling product, it is compact, durable and reliable.

These high specification subsea cameras offer continuous rotational control on both horizontal and vertical axes allowing unrestricted views within their environment.



The Sphere Camera is available with a choice of high spec analog or high definition video sensors (see sphere camera data sheet) which switch automatically from colour to black and white under low light conditions. The excellent depth of field provided by the low focal length lenses used with these camera sensors also prevents hunting for focus that can occur with other types of subsea cameras.

LED Lights

Two 200 Lumen LED Lights are now incorporated as standard into the sphere camera housing. These integrated LED lights are fully dimmable and always ready for use providing a really useful addition the sphere cameras operating envelope. If further lighting is required please see our standalone subsea lights

Depth and Temperature Sensors

Sensors are fitted as standard to measure the camera depth with in the water to the nearest 0.1m and the temperature of the water to 0.1°C. The readings from these sensors can be displayed by any of our control systems – portable system, boat console or shore system.

X Y Orientation Sensors

This camera can be optionally specified with orientation sensors consisting of a magnetic compass sensor for horizontal orientation of camera and a camera angle sensor vertical orientation of camera. The read out from these sensors is available by all precision subsea control and monitoring systems

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Available as an accessory which connects inline between your precision subsea camera and the subsea cable, the dissolved oxygen sensor can display readings in milligrams per litre or parts per million dissolved via the portable system, boat console or shore system.


Tried and Tested

Precision Subsea Sphere Camera

Well suited to aquaculture, oil and gas exploration and a wide range of commercial applications and with a proven track record operating in some of the harshest conditions in Norway and the Faroe Islands these cameras are tough and tested tools that get the job done.

As part of a complete system of commercial imaging equipment, these second generation cameras have been designed, tested and improved in an ongoing development process to strive to even higher levels of quality and reliability

All our cameras can be interchanged and used with our existing cables, control and monitoring systems.




We design and build in house including electronic design and manufacture, embedded micro-control, mechanical design and cnc machining. This level of understanding of our products and control over production allows us huge scope to customize products.

Pan / tilt control is typically via RS 485 but can be modified for any protocol, sensor data can also be output to suit user systems and on screen display. Additional sensors, custom connectors, specialist cameras built for specific tasks, can all be accommodated contact us to discuss your requirements.