Wireless System

Precision Subsea Wireless SystemDeveloped and tested for the toughest site conditions to offer remotely operated camera viewing of sites above and below water as required.

Versatile and easy to install enabling existing wired camera systems to be converted for re-use in wireless format saving on time and valuable asset costs.

System range typically 1Km with options up to 10Km on request. Additional Features such as multiple console control and multiple cameras per cage can be included to suit customer requirements.


Features and Options

  • Sphere cameras, Dome cameras or fixed cameras or re-use existing cameras from other manufacturers.
  • Video overlay on screen showing cage number, depth and water temperature on sensor fitted cameras. Other sensor options on request, ie Dissolved oxygen, Compass etc.
  • Multiple cages viewed simultaneously.
  • Camera winches to control depth and position of camera remotely.
  • Can be linked to portable system for additional image options.
  • Dual surface and sub-sea camera feature available.
  • Power options include AC/DC and solar panel charged battery option.
  • Extremely power efficient, ideal for running from batteries.
  • Can interface with other manufacturers subsea cameras.
  • Bespoke customer options. We value your input and aim to match our products to your needs.