Portable System

Precision Subsea Portable System

Our portable camera systems come in a range of options, but all are housed in tough waterproof Peli case and have a minimum runtime of over 8 hours between battery charges.

The standard system for fish farm use comes with a colour pan-tilt Sphere camera and 30 metres of subsea cable. High quality colour video pictures are displayed on the 15 inch flatscreen colour monitor and the video text overlay shows the camera depth and water temperature.

Precision Subsea Portable SystemAll systems have a video out facility to record and playback the pictures using a digital video recorder. Additional features, such as GPS coordinates, date and time, can be integrated into the electronics according to customer requirements. For wireless camera systems we can integrate the radio console into the portable case to give further flexibility on site.

Furthermore we can interface any other manufacturers cameras to operate with our systems.

Features and Options

  • Internal batteries with up to 8 hours continuous use before recharging
  • Built in battery monitor displays the battery level on screen
  • Audio alarm indicating automatic switch off when fully discharged
  • Video Overlay as standard
  • On screen display of camera depth and water temperature
  • DVR recorder option
  • GPS input with on screen display
  • Wireless option allowing you to access each cage from a central location
  • Power saving auto-shutdown if left unattended for 20 minutes or more
  • Sphere camera, dome camera, fixed camera all interchangable
  • Customer defined options available on request