Wind Turbine

Precision Subsea Wind Turbine

Many Fishfarm sites are suitable for Wind Turbines and Solar Panels to provide free energy for certain systems.

We currently support stand-alone solar powered camera systems and also market a Wind Turbine and Solar Panel System which can be used to run equipment up to 1.5 Kilowatt peak power.

Some sites are saving hundreds of pounds per week by not incurring diesel generator hire, support and fuel costs, not to mention the environmental benefit.

Our wind turbine systems are typically used to provide on grid power for feed selectors, camera systems and seal scarers. They can also provide 240 volt power for safety equipment, VHF radios and so on.

Each turbine system comprises an onboard computer which can be used to switch equipment on and off at preset times and controls the charging status of the Batteries.

We also offer a fully remote control system which can be controlled from the shore site or boat when site access is restricted due to weather or time.wind_turbine_voltage_readout