What do we do?

We offer custom engineering and manufacture of subsea remote control equipment used in subsea survey, oceanography, aquaculture, oil & gas, fisheries and renewables.

mechanical engineering electronic engineering Component Level Manufacturer remote controlled video

We design and produce short runs of specialist subsea products, which can be manufactured in house down to component level, allowing us a high level of flexibility in customizing our products to meet your exact needs or modify products to overcome specialist or unforeseen problems. Our existing products themselves are the result of over 10 years of this ongoing process.

Specialist areas:

  • electronic design
  • embedded microcontrol
  • programmes
  • remote controlled video
  • RF control
  • mechanical design
  • Fibre Optic Video
  • 3D CAD Design
  • CNC manufacturing
  • subsea engineering
  • Component Level Manufacturer

Because we have full control of the whole design, manufacture and production process, we can customize any of our products to meet new challenges or to provide for specialist needs.

Our new CNC workshop is moving the whole production capability in house

CNC manufacturing

Proven Track Record

  • We have been building Subsea Cameras for over ten years.
  • Our Cameras are regularly and continuously used in some of the harshest conditions on the planet.
  • We have re-invested both capital and knowledge into improving our products and production facilities